Fun Facts and Strange News

When Google invented “Incognito Mode” for Chrome in 2008 it was not for porn…

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:   

  • Frank Sinatra supposedly hired thugs to beat up comedian Jackie Mason for making fun of him for marrying Mia Farrow, who was 30 years younger.  After Mason had his face wired back together, he kept making jokes.  He’d say, quote, “Frank Sinatra saved my life one night.  He said:  ‘Boys, that’s enough.'”


  • Instant coffee was invented by a guy named . . . George Washington.  He came to America from Belgium in the late 1800s and started manufacturing instant coffee in 1910.


  • It’s a federal crime for someone who’s not a postal worker to wear a U.S. Postal Service uniform . . . unless you’re acting in a play, TV show, or movie.  A Halloween costume ISN’T a good enough excuse.  You can get a fine or six months in prison.


  • Hawaii has banned virtually all billboards since 1927.


  • When Google invented “Incognito Mode” for Chrome in 2008, it wasn’t so people could watch porn without having it in their history.  It was so people could share computers without messing with each other’s browser cookies and settings.


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Strange and trending news:

  • A deli in the Pittsburgh area took to their marquee to warn drivers of the police trap . . . just behind the marquee.  It said, quote, “Slow down . . . the cop hides behind this sign.”  (Full Story)


  • A British woman ventured out for the first time in nine months . . . and was hit by a car and killed.  She was reportedly preoccupied with untangling her face mask when she was hit.  (Full Story)


  • On average, people spent more time last year sleeping, watching TV, playing games, using a computer, relaxing, and thinking . . . at the expense of socializing and communicating in person.  (Full Story)


  • Researchers from Northwestern University have found that the more money you make, the longer you’ll live.  Every $50,000 of income lowers a person’s risk of death by 5%.  (Full Story)


  • A Florida man was showing off his new gun at a bar, and he shot himself in the torso.  The bar manager suggested that he might have been “pretending to be a badass.”  There’s no word on his condition.  (Full Story)


  • An Australian activewear company has been fined for claiming its clothing “eliminated” and stopped the spread of COVID-19.  (Full Story)


  • Pizza Hut Japan is celebrating the Tokyo Olympics by offering a new Decathlon Pizza topped with 10 kinds of meat, including three kinds of bacon, charcoal-grilled beef ribs, teriyaki chicken, pulled pork, and pepperoni.  (Full Story)