Toya T

Mon -Fri 10a-3p
For some, music is a hobby; for Toya T, it’s been a lifeline. Hip-Hop artists such as Roxanne Shante’ or GUY  were more than just rappers or musicians, they spun the very soundtrack to Toya’s upbringing. A Fort Wayne native, she is easily one of the most relevant voices in the region—freely sharing experiences she has conquered in order to empower, encourage, and inspire others to find their inner voices. Toya embodies the phrase living life out loud. Her voice, her hair, and her smile are always visible. Even her triumphs and failures are transparently shared with others with the intent of liberating as many as possible. “This journey hasn’t been easy,” she shares candidly. Anyone hearing her story would quickly corroborate that her life story would easily make a best seller.

Having Impeccable timing, quick wit, and an unrivaled sense of humor gives her a strong rapport with the audience, and she has been the secret ingredient to many successful events within Fort Wayne. This same niche and her unwavering love for Hip Hop landed her a position as Editor-in-Chief with H.Y.P.E Magazine which afforded her even more connections with well-known names within the industry.

Despite her career, family, and personal aspirations, she has not failed to meet the need of her community. She has been affiliated with local group My Brothers’ Keeper, My Sisters’ Keeper over five years, where she continues to serve as a role model and lighthouse. Empowering youth isn’t a job for her, it’s a moral and civic responsibility that she takes great pleasure in. Toya T is also a board member of the Renaissance Point  YMCA and The Humor Association! In the free time she has, Toya T can be found hosting social events, advocating regional causes, and most recently, she has begun working on an autobiography to be released in the very near future. Stay tuned, as there are many exciting things coming down the pipeline this next year for Toya T!