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1.  It’s been a year since LUKE PERRY’s death.  Here’s a tribute from IAN ZIERING.

And here’s one from JASON PRIESTLEY.

2.  LIZZO is calling out Tik Tok for taking down all her swimsuit videos while continuing to allow videos of other women in bathing suits.

3.  The director of “The Batman” posted some pictures of the new Batmobile, and it looks like a souped-up muscle car.  Finally, we’re back where we oughta be!!!

4.  Yankees pitcher AROLDIS CHAPMAN signed a cut-out of a garbage can with a logo for the “Houston Trashtros” on it.  Remember, the Astros won the pennant last year with a walk-off home run by JOSE ALTUVE off Chapman.

5.  SELMA BLAIRSHANNEN DOHERTY, and SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR met up for lunch.  Selma says the “richest one” paid.  (Sarah?  Discuss.)






6.  For your Thursday viewing pleasure:  JUSTIN BIEBER’s bulge.






7.  CIARA won’t let a little thing like pregnancy get in the way of boxing training with her husband RUSSELL WILSON.





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