So – A Guy Gets an AirDrop Message from a Driver Tailgating Him…

Now THIS is exactly what modern technology should be used for.


A guy in Japan was driving last week when a van started tailgating him.  The guy said it was freaking him out . . . and then an AirDrop message appeared on his iPhone.


If you don’t have an iPhone or you don’t know what AirDropping is, it’s a feature that lets you send photos and files to any iPhones that are nearby.  And unless you tweak your privacy settings, anyone nearby can try to Airdrop you a picture.


Well . . . the AirDrop message came from the driver of the van.  And it was a simple four words, quote, “Poop.  Let me pass.”


And now that the guy KNEW why the van was tailgating him, he pulled over . . . and let the van speed by so the driver could get to a toilet.


The guy posted a screenshot of the AirDrop message on Twitter, and now it’s going viral.