Random Things Baby Boomers are Completely Obsessed With

Boomers and Millennials can’t stop bickering with each other, and here’s the latest:

Someone has collected a list of random things that Boomers are “obsessed with” . . . that make “no sense” to Millennials.

They include:

1.  The thumbs-up emoji.  And using a ton of ellipses in texts.

2.  Complaining about younger generations not knowing and using cursive.

3. Zooming in on every single picture.  And filming videos with their iPads.

4.  Always leaving voicemails, no matter the situation.

5.  Drinking from the hose . . . and talking about drinking from the hose.

6.  Nautical-themed bathrooms, including beach, lighthouse, and sailboat décor.

7.  Watching the news and political shows ALL THE TIME.

8.  Wanting to sit at booths in restaurants.  And paying in exact change.

9.  Old, crusty cough drops.

10.  Pecans.  And pot pie.



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