Mourning A Fictional Character Is Perfectly Valid

When your favorite character dies on a TV show or the show ends altogether – it can be rough, but some might scoff at your grief. Grief counselors say that people’s responses to the loss of fictional characters is a real, maybe even common, occurrence.


Grief counselor Alan Wolfelt says it’s important for a person mourning their favorite character to process their grief, and also for others to validate that process. He adds that after those two things are in place, it’s time for “productive reminiscing,” which could include watching blooper reels of your favorite character or going back and watching the first episode of the series.


Next, you’ll have to develop your identity without those characters in your life, and the sixth is maintaining your support network so you have real-life people to turn to in your times of recurring grief. One more bit of advice from Wolfelt: “Whenever you say ‘just,’ you’re minimizing something for someone. Well, ‘it’s just a pet,’ or ‘it’s just a show’– you’re not creating space for them to be affirmed.”