Kid’s T-Shirt from China Comes with Hilariously Vulgar Addition

A woman named Kelsey Dawn Williamson from Benton, Illinois recently ordered her daughter a t-shirt of “Frog and Toad” . . . who are two classic characters in a series of kids’ books, if you don’t know.


She ordered the shirt for $5 from a shop in China.  And when it came on Tuesday, it had the picture of Frog and Toad with words printed underneath that said “[EFF] THE POLICE.”

Apparently, there’s a meme of Frog and Toad with “[Eff] the police” . . . so the bootleg t-shirt company in China must’ve grabbed one of those images off the Internet and printed it on the shirt without realizing what it meant.


Kelsey took a picture of her three-year-old daughter Salem wearing the shirt and put it on Facebook . . . and now it’s going viral.




(Here’s the t-shirt she ordered, and what actually showed up.  Warning!  There’s an uncensored F-word.)