KFC and Cinnabon Teamed Up for New Dessert Biscuits


KFC just teamed up with Cinnabon to offer new dessert biscuits.  So, I guess the rule is ANYTHING can be dessert if you just add frosting.

They’re normal KFC biscuits, covered in a cinnamon brown sugar glaze, with cream cheese frosting.  You can get them at KFC starting next Monday.  And they’ll be around until the end of June.

KFC also posted an early . . . and oddly sexual . . . video for Mother’s Day.  It’s a young, shirtless version of The Colonel dancing with a bunch of Chippendales dancers . . . but they call it “Chickendales.”  You’re welcome, Mom.  (Here’s the video and a photo of the new dessert biscuits.)


The Chickendales are cooking up two very special things this Mother’s Day: hot meals and even hotter dance moves. Make your mom a custom video at CHICKENDALES.COM. Then head on over to KFC and let the Colonel do the cooking with our brand new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits, available starting 4/29, FREE when you buy a 10-piece bucket meal.

Posted by KFC on Wednesday, April 24, 2019