How Much it Will Cost You to Hire a Babysitter on Valentine’s Day


Going out on Valentine’s Day is expensive, especially if you need someone to watch your kids.  So how much extra does that cost?


The babysitting website looked at how much a babysitter costs on Valentine’s Day in 37 major cities.  And it ranges from about $14 to $20 an hour.


The most expensive city to hire a babysitter for tomorrow is Seattle at $19.53 an hour.  Followed by Buffalo, New York . . . San Francisco . . . San Jose . . . and New York.  All of them are right around 19 bucks.


The cheapest is Jacksonville, Florida at $14.36 an hour.  Then Raleigh, North Carolina . . . Las Vegas . . . Cleveland . . . and Columbus, Ohio.  (Check out the average for all 37 cities here.)


As far as other expenses go, an annual study looked at how much various Valentine’s Day things cost.  And roses might run you a tiny bit more this year.


Having a dozen long-stemmed roses delivered will cost an average of $154, up about three bucks from last year.


And here’s one thing that won’t cost more:  Two tickets to the movies cost an average of $26, which is roughly the same as in 2019.


( / PR Newswire)