Fun facts and strange news

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Here’s some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler.

– Kentucky makes 95% of the bourbon in the world . . . but the official state drink is milk.

–  The average car spends approximately 95% of its life parked.

–  Buddy Holly spelled his last name “H-o-l-l-e-y” . . . but his first record label left out the “e” on his contract and the misspelled version of his name stuck.

–  When Outback Steakhouse was started in Tampa in 1988, none of its four founders had ever been to Australia.

–  The average person at the Louvre only spends 15 seconds looking at the Mona Lisa.

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Strange and trending news:

– Today is National Radio Day.  And according to a new survey, two out of three people listen to the radio every day . . . 56% of women and 35% of men sing along to the radio . . . and almost 9% say stations don’t play enough commercials and should have more.  (Full Story)

–  You can predict how much money someone makes by their favorite type of music, according to a new study.  People who like classical music have the highest average incomes, at $114,000-a-year . . . and people who like country have the lowest, at $58,000.  (Full Story)

–  A guy in India put up 300 billboards and banners all over his town last week to apologize to his girlfriend after a fight.  We’re not sure if she forgave him . . . but we know the cops are investigating and he might get charged with defacement of public property.  (Full Story)

–  A husband and wife were sailing in Rhode Island on Friday when she fell off the boat . . . but he didn’t notice.  She swam to an island, but the Coast Guard didn’t head out to rescue her until several hours later when her husband finally realized she was missing.  She wound up with mild hypothermia.  (Full Story)

–  Archaeologists just found some CHEESE in a 3,200-year-old Egyptian tomb.  And now people online are saying they want to EAT it . . . even though it’s contaminated with deadly bacteria.  (Full Story)

–  A restaurant in Mexico City just got busted for serving tacos . . . made with TARANTULA MEAT.  But not just any tarantulas . . . the Mexican red rump tarantulas, which is a protected species.  (Full Story)

–  The cops in Florida were called to a park on Thursday morning because an 81-year-old woman was TOPLESS and drinking wine straight out of the box.  She was arrested for disorderly intoxication.  (Full Story)

– A 47-year-old golfer in Massachusetts was arrested last Friday after he got into a fight with another golfer . . . and bit the guy’s THUMB off.  He’s facing a charge for “mayhem,” and could be looking at up to 20 years in prison.  (Full Story)

–  A woman in Virginia MOONED the crowd at a high school girls’ softball game in May . . . because her husband was the coach, the crowd was mad at him, and she wanted to distract them.  And now it looks like the indecent exposure charge against her is going to be dropped.  (Full Story)

–  A beer delivery guy in Minnesota saw a guy about to jump off a bridge last Wednesday . . . and talked him down by offering him a free 12-pack of Coors Light.  (Full Story)