Fort Wayne man arrested with heroin and cocaine

Fort Wayne, Ind. (ADAMS)- Around 3 p.m. Wednesday, members of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Vice & Narcotics Division and Emergency Services Team served a search warrant at 1217 Rumsey Avenue. Detectives received information that the person living at 1217 Rumsey Avenue was dealing narcotics and conducted an investigation receiving information that lead to a search warrant.

According to police, they were doing surveillance on 1217 Rumsey and observed Ted E. Geisleman leaving his residence. Mr. Geisleman is a Habitual Traffic Violator with a lifetime suspension, was observed driving a vehicle and was stopped and taken into custody. During a search incident to arrest, Mr. Geisleman was found to be in possession of a small foil package with a brown substance that tested positive for heroin. The heroin had a substance weight of .3 grams. Also found inside the vehicle was 2.8 grams of powder cocaine, 5.5 grams of crack cocaine and another baggy containing .6 grams of heroin. A glass smoking tube with burnt residue and a digital scale were also recovered from inside the vehicle.

Police says that during the service of the search warrant, members of the Emergency Services Team were confronted by two Pit Bull dogs from inside the residence. One Pit Bull dog was shot and killed during entry into the residence; the other Pit Bull ran out of the house and was not recovered. During a search of the residence, .5 grams of marijuana was recovered along with other drug paraphernalia. A Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol was also recovered. This pistol had previously been reported stolen.

During an interview, Mr. Geisleman admitted to dealing cocaine and heroin to support his own drug habit and for money to live off of. Mr. Geisleman also admitted to knowing that he was a Habitual Traffic Violator and should not have been driving a vehicle.

During this investigation we were assisted by Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) and Fort Wayne Animal Control.

Ted E. Geisleman now faces the following charges:
Dealing Cocaine (Level 3 Felony)
Dealing Cocaine (Level 5 Felony)
Habitual Traffic Violator (Life) (Level 5 Felony)
Maintaining a Common Nuisance (Level 6 Felony)
Possession of Marijuana (Class A Misdemeanor)
Possession of Paraphernalia (Class A Misdemeanor)

This is an ongoing investigation.