Couples Who Blame the Pandemic for Stress are… Much Happier?

We’ve heard about couples who were brought closer by quarantining together . . . and we’ve heard about relationships that broke down when people were forced to stay inside together 24/7…

But this is different:  A new study found that the couples who DID have relationship troubles over the past 15 months are MUCH HAPPIER . . . IF they blamed their problems on the pandemic.

Experts say there’s a reason for that.  Usually, when people feel stress, it can spill over and corrode a relationship.  They start blaming themselves, their partners or feel like they’re in an unhappy place.

But if people blame the stressor instead, and make it the “scapegoat,” then couples can become stronger.  It’s like saying “it’s not us, it’s COVID” . . . and then they can tackle the issue as a team.

This strategy can be beneficial even with smaller stressors like getting stuck in traffic, but experts say it’s harder to be aware of a small stressor versus a huge one like a global pandemic.

(National Post)

(On a semi-related note, there’s a new Israeli study, which says men who are unhappy in their marriage are 19% more likely to DIE.)