Commissioners to consider county employee paid parental leave

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Allen County Board of Commissioners on Friday will consider adopting a new parental leave policy for eligible county employees that will provide up to three weeks of paid parental leave during the six months immediately following the birth or adoption of a child.

The new policy, which would become effective immediately upon approval, applies to full-time employees who have been in a regular (benefits-eligible) status for at least 12 months, regardless of gender. It is being recommended for adoption by the County Human Resources Department and is in alignment with the County’s strategic priorities and goals.

“We recognize the importance of assisting our employees who become new parents to achieve a work-life balance,” said Charity Murphy, County Human Resources director. “By doing so, we help ourselves by providing a benefit that has been shown to help employees, families and communities. It will also lead to increased employee morale and decreased turnover, thus saving the county thousands of dollars and productivity time.”
The three weeks of paid leave must be used consecutively within the first six months of the parental event, and run concurrent with the 12-week Family and Medical Leave Act that an employee may take. If both parents are employed by Allen County, both parents are entitled to separate parental leaves of three weeks each. These parents may take the paid parental leave concurrently or at separate times, according to their preference.