Babies Start to Develop a Sense of Humor at One Month

If you think newborn babies find you funny . . . first of all, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

And second, check your fragile ego at the door, because they do NOT.  A new study found babies that young literally don’t have a sense of humor yet.

Researchers in England say babies don’t start to develop a sense of humor until they’re around a month old.  Half will have one by the two-month mark.  And around 50% of kids will start trying to make YOU laugh by the time they’re 11 months old.

Babies that are less than a year old tend to mostly like physical, visual, and auditory humor.  So, things like peekaboo, tickling, and silly voices.  Around the one-year mark is when they start to appreciate things like toilet humor.  And around two is when they start to enjoy “nonsense humor,” like claiming, “dogs say moo.”