Apple’s New iPhone is Triggering People with a Fear of Holes


Apple introduced its new iPhones on Tuesday, and the iPhone 11 Pro has THREE camera lenses clustered on the back, along with a flash and tiny microphone.  All in all, that’s five circles packed into a small spot on the back.


And we’re guessing they didn’t see THIS coming . . . apparently, the design is triggering people who suffer from something called TRYPOPHOBIA.  (TRIP-uh-foh-bee-yuh.)


That’s a fear of a cluster of holes.  And apparently, up to 5% of people have at least a mild form of it.


People with trypophobia are afraid of things like bubble baths, honeycombs, and English muffins.  And apparently, some celebrities have it, including Kendall Jenner.


So now people with trypophobia are blasting Apple . . . and letting them know they WON’T be upgrading their phones.


One person wrote on Twitter, quote, “I can’t buy it and be itchy all over every damn time I look at it” . . . and another person wrote, quote, “Seeing pics of the new iPhone 11 all over my timeline makes me want to set everything on fire.”