A Condom Brand Has an App That Blocks Baby Photos on Facebook

We’ve seen apps like this before.  But the fact that a condom company is behind this one kicks up the fun factor a little bit . . .


The condom brand Skyn just launched a new Chrome extension that blocks you from seeing your friends’ endless string of BABY PHOTOS on Facebook.


It’s called “The Baby Blocker” . . . and it uses Facebook’s analytics to identify photos of babies and toddlers.  Then it covers them up with photos of things like food, cars, and sporting events.  So, it seems like it’s geared more towards men than women.


We tried it, and it works.  But it did let a few baby photos slip through.  (Also, every single replacement photo was of soccer players for some reason.  Which might be MORE annoying.)


You can download it for free.  Just search for “The Baby Blocker” on the Chrome Web Store.


There was a similar app a few years ago called Unbaby that replaced baby photos with pictures of CATS.  But it looks like that one’s not around anymore.


(Science Times)  (Here’s the promo video Skyn posted.)