Fun Facts and Strange News

Bob Dylan sure sang about the weather a lot…

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:  


  • In 2006, Creed singer Scott Stapp attempted suicide by jumping off a hotel balcony . . . only to be rescued two hours later by rapper I.

  • Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Sarah Michelle Gellar all auditioned for the lead part in “Clueless” before it went to Alicia Silverstone.

  • Almost one out of three of Bob Dylan’s songs make a reference to the weather.  No other artist comes close to that many.  The Beatles are second, at 16%.

  • More than half of the London Underground stations are actually above ground.

  • There have been 44 live-action Hollywood movies adapted from video games, starting with“Super Mario Bros.” in 1993.  And it took 34 movies and 25 YEARS for one to do better than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. The first was “Tomb Raider” in 2018.  It has a 52%.  There have been 10 movies since, and six are better than 50%.

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Strange and trending news:

  • This doesn’t sound healthy:  20% of Americans avoid talking about money with their partner because they’re worried it’ll start an argument. (Full Story)

  • 93% of people say a Disney World vacation is now too expensive for average families.  And 68% say Disney’s price increases have caused Disney to “lose its magic.” (Full Story)

  • 32% of people are so obsessed with coffee that they’d “give up watching the news” to get their fix.  And 30% would give up exercising. (???)  (Full Story)

  • Someone was caught trying to smuggle 93 giant snails . . . 62 pounds of fish . . . and smoked meat from Nigeria into Germany.  Customs officials uncovered it by following a literal TRAIL OF SLIME. (Full Story)

  • A deputy in Texas was hospitalized after ingesting some drugs that were sitting out at the police station.  He said he thought it was CANDY.  Now, they’re looking into how the evidence could’ve just been sitting around on a desk.  The deputy is okay.  It sounds like the drugs were some kind of edibles. (Full Story)

  • There’s video online of a wedding singer who was supposedly hired to sing at their ex’s wedding . . . and used that opportunity to OUT them as a cheater. (Full Story)  (There’s a good chance this was staged, but it’s still amusing.)

  • STD transmission is reportedly “out of control” right now. (Full Story)